We slept and were occupying the fuel dock and left Portimao after refuelling her at noontime.
We made a short voyage to Lagos and had a really nice time there.
Our next stops were Sines, Cascais and Nazare.
 On the 4th of May we passed during high water the entrance of Figuera da Foz.
The entrance can be very dangerous
 I called the maritime pilots 30 minutes prior to our arrival.
They approved my decision to come in with the comment, “But be careful at the entrance”
About 2 hours later the situation had changed due to the Ebb tide.
You could see already Eddy’s at the entrance… although the wind was only 5 knots from west and the swell outside very calm.
But we looked at the Eddy’s from shore site, “Jilly” was already moored at her final destination.