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We have been moving yachts since 1999. Use this expertise to have your yacht transported safely and reliably in Europe or worldwide.

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Customer Voices

April ’21: Yacht Delivery: Princess 72, Cuxhaven – Gothenburg, April 21

“Thank you for the delivery by your professional team. Everything went super!”

Thommy, Owner Princess 72, Luleå, Sweden

April ’21: Yachtdelivery Balticsea/Northsea, Bavaria 37
Stefan was a great choice, we had a lot of fun and it was never boring, he always has something to talk about and was a great help in the Baltic Sea and in the canal. It took away our uncertainty as to how and where I expected it, so that I didn’t regret taking this step. Should I need a skipper again, I will be happy to contact you again. Even if I hear that a crew is needed, I am happy to pass on your number.
Michael Schmidt

Yacht delivery

December 2020, Yacht Delivery: Nauticat 38, Essex (UK) – Lelystad (NL)

 “Everything was fine. I am very satisfied with the crew and the planning by your company! ”

New Owner, Nauticat 38 

Yacht delivery catamaran

February March 2021, Yacht Delivery: 2.500 Miles, Fountaine Pajot 41, Mallorca (ESP) – Kappeln (D)

I would also like to thank you personally for organizing the steering system, without your efforts the boat would still be in Mallorca. You helped me a lot !!! We will definitely recommend yacht skippers.! ”

Dr. Ulrich Zappe, AMIKUS GmbH

Yacht delivery

November 2020, Advice on Yacht Purchase: Nimbus 350 / Brètagne, November 2020

“Thank you for the detailed report. We have decided to buy the boat and would like to continue using your very good service. ”

New Owner, Nimbus 350  

Yacht delivery

October / November 2020,  Assisted Yacht Delivery Lagos (PRT) – Neustadt(DEU), 1,600 miles

 “The result alone decides – and that was good, with a good crew! Thank you very much for your work ”

Werner, Owner, Sweden Yachts 45

Yacht coaching

Season 2020, Skipper Training on Racing Yacht, placement of a skipper for the 2021 season

“Finally, thank you again for the excellent service throughout the summer and thank you for the understanding and entrepreneurial attitude with regard to your skipper for 2021.”

Marie, owner of the XP44 

Yacht delivery

Yacht Delivery North Sea/Baltic October 2020: Lelystad (NL)– Fredericia (DK), for Danish Owner:

“I will recommend you to anyone who need to get his ship moved,

and I will also choose you again if I need to get my own boat moved again.

I only have good thing to say about Tim, the Skipper.”

Laurids, Copenhagen, Owner Salona 37

Yacht delivery

October 2020, Yacht Delivery Performance Yacht: Pogo: Le Havre (FR) – Lemmer (NL) 

“I am very satisfied with your performance. I was always well informed by your skipper and the planning corresponded to the action! ”

Christian, owner of Pogo

September 2020, North Sea trip assisted  by our skipper after buying a boat in Holland: Lemmer-Kiel

“I was very happy with the support from your skipper. Many thanks!”

Owner, Wibo 990

August 2020: Dufour44 North Sea Delivery Lelystad (NL) to Kiel and back (600 nm)

“Many thanks for the reliable delivery and the careful handling of my boat! We would indeed like to ask you again. “

Dufour 44, owner, Aachen

August 2020: Princess 68: Comissioning, customs clearance,

Delivery Bremerhaven (D) -Kopenhagen (DK)

“Everything was ok. Thank you for your help!”

Peter, Owner, Princess 68

August 2020: Delivery Finland-Germany: Jeanneau 29.2

“Thank you again for the job and that everything went so well!” Carsten, owner, Jeanneau 29.

July 2020: Elbe/North Sea: Hatecke Hornet 32

Commissioning, Delivery Elbe(D)-Brouwershafen (NL): Hatecke Hornet

For your support in the commisioning and delivery of FREYA

I would like to thank you and your co-workers sincerely;

a long process has come to an end.

Owner, Freya

Skipper Training

July 2020: Yacht training performance yacht XP44, Western Baltic Sea

Thank you very much for the intensive training on our new yacht. We learned a lot and it was very pleasant on a human level!

New Owner, XP44

Yacht Delivery

July 2020: Yacht Delivery, Sailing Yacht Delfzijl(NL) -Kiel(D)

I was more than satisfied with the professional performance of the skipper. We had to cover about 200 nautical miles in 3 days, from Delfzijl in Holland to Kiel. The highlight was the river Elbe at night and the locking-process into the Kiel Canal in the early morning hours, which was mastered very confidently. In all matters I had full confidence in the skipper.”

Owner, Sailing Yacht

Yacht Deliveries

June 2020: Yacht Delivery Princess 52

 After yacht purchase:

Emmerich(Rhine) – Lübeck (Baltic Sea)

It all worked out fine, thanks again!

Oliver, Owner

Yacht Delivery

June 2020:Delivery/Commissioning Motor yacht Brandsma Frederick47 Sneek(NL)-Barth(D)

500 nautical miles

The boat arrived safely.

Everything went fine.

Owner, Frederick 47

Yacht Delivery

June 2020: Assisted Yacht Delivery/ Fisher 37

Zeeland(NL) – Copenhagen (DK)

“everything was okay! Tim is a really great, funny and careful guy, – and Sandra was the perfect company! We had a great trip – without any problem!

Thomas, Copenhagen, Owner

Crew Agency

July 2020: Crew agency 46m Yacht

Many thanks for the engineer!

Fits perfectly into the team!

Yacht Manager

Yacht Delivery

May 2020: Assisted motor yacht delivery: Fairline, Targa 62


Thanks for the company!

Harry, Owner

Trimaran Yacht Delivery

May 2020: Assisted Yacht Delivery Dragonfly 32: Skaerbek – Kiel

Thanks a lot, it all worked out!

Detlev, Owner

Yacht Delivery

May 2020: Yacht Delivery North Sea: Impala 33


“Many thanks for the delivery of

my yacht from Holland to the Baltic Sea!”

Marcus, owner

Yacht Delivery Atlantic

Nov.-Dec. 2019, Yacht Delivery / coaching Algarve (Portugal) – Germany (Kiel) : 46ft yacht, 1.800 miles

                      “It was a rough ride, late in the year. But you helped me, and I am satisfied with your work!” 

Walter, owner

October 2019, yacht delivery / coaching Ijsselmeer-Greifswald: 46ft yacht, 350 miles

                      “Thank you very much for helping us with the transfer of our new yacht, everything went well and was fun!” 

Steven, owner

October 2019, Yacht Transfer / Coaching Biscay: 44ft Norseman, Brest – Baiona 420 miles

“Stefan took us safely across the Bay of Biscay and we learned a lot, we are very satisfied!” 

Danielle and Hendrik, owner

August 2019, Yacht Delivery Transatlantic: Catana 431, 3.500 Nautical Miles                      

The trip, as it was and was driven was a coherent, round thing that could not have done better! “

Don Azor, Captain and Crewmember

Yacht delivery Lagoon

June 2019, assisted delivery: Lagoon 50: Bordeaux – Barcelona “Thank you for the assistance in the delivery of our new Lagoon 50 by your skipper. Everything went off professionally and smoothly! ”

Axel, owner

June 2019, yacht delivery motor yacht: 18m Algarve – Le Havre, 1,100 miles 

“I thank you all again for the perfect execution of the job. It was a good experience we have made with you, even if you here and there probably understated what happened to save our nerves. I assume,  that this trip was a challenge for you, but perhaps also brought you further. 

Thank you once again and with kind regards 

Kurt Fenner, Basel

June 2019, assisted yacht delivery: Saare 46: Germany – A Coruña 

“It was a pleasure to sail our brand new Saare 46 with you from Brunsbüttel to A Coruna. Your trip planning has brought us well through all weather conditions. Your experience and your careful handling of the ship has provided security to everyone on board. Not least, the mood on board was always relaxed and enjoyable; We would like to thank you for this valuable and pleasant support.”

The owner couple

July 2019, Yacht Delivery Motoryacht: 17m Kiel – Gdansk, 300 Miles

“Great work! Thank you for delivering the Motoryacht in time with your crew.

Dave Starkey, Seven Star Yacht Transport, UK 

May 2019, yacht delivery: sailing yacht: Etap 28: Plymouth-Baltic Sea, 600 miles 

“Thank you very much for your company from Plymouth to the Baltic Sea.” I learned a lot from you about the handling of the boat. The advice to replace the cooling water pump saved us a lot. Last but not least, it was a very nice experience to be with you in the Channel and on the North Sea. 

Birgit from Hamburg

Yacht DeliveryApril 2019: Individual Training/Yacht Delivery: Orust (Sweden) – Lübeck (Germany), Baltic Sea, Najad 38 

“Thanks for your competent support and patience!”

Stephanie and Christian W, Lübeck.

Yacht deliveryApril 2019: Individual Yacht Delivery: Split (Croatia) – Koper (Slovenia), Adriatic Sea, Jeanneau 36

Thank you so much for your dedication and your professionalism!”

Klaus M., Munich.

 Solaris 50

September 2018: Individual Training on Solaris 50, Liguria 

“Thanks for the training sessions.They helped!”

Karin D. , Austria


Charter cruise on Solaris 58. August 2018, Dalmatia

 “Thank you for skippering us in our holiday. We had a great time!”

Enrico A., Italy


Yacht_an_der_PierAugust 2018: Delivery North Sea: 44ft One Off

“It all went well with Lennart and Thomas. Thanks again. I will call you for future plans, if this is okay. Regards Eckhard”

Eckhard B., Germany

July 2018: Delivery with owner. Bavaria 42. Kiel – Mallorca, 2.500 nautical miles, 3 weeks, Skipper and Crew of Yachtskipper.eu

“Thank you for bringing AMARA with us to the Mediterranean. We would not have made this trip alone. Everything worked out great!”

S. und M. Altmann, Club Nautico El Arenal, Mallorca

June 2018: 4 weeks charter cruise with guests on Solaris 58, Dalmatia

“We had a fantastic week onboard “Paint it Black”. Skipper Lennart was top of the line. Serious, competent and still very easy going. The boat was a thrill to sail. Rapid, responsive and stunning. A few tecnical issues were effectively handled by Lennart.”

Hans-Ole M., Norway

June 2018: Delivery Dehler 38, Hamburg-Stockholm

“Hi Rainer, we would like to send you, Tim, and Philip our greatest thanks for supporting us to bring Hedone from Wedel to Stockholm. She arrived in her new home harbour Saturday midday. Especially we would like you to know that Tim and Philip are both very talented and amazing people! We could not have wished for a better crew! Many thanks to you for identifying the fantastic crew and supporting the transport!!! With kind regards”

Zary & Malin, Stockholm, Schweden

Mai/Juni 2018: Delivery with owner, 1.800 Baltic – Amsterdam – London – Lisaboa

“Alright, thanks again, was a great trip, I was very happy with the team!”

Guido T. Sieger

April 2018: Delivery with owner, Hallberg-Rassy 49, La Spezia – Greece, 1.500 nm

“I was very satisfied with Yachtskipper.de’s work. Thank you very much for the professional help in delivering our new yacht.”

L. Jensen, Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia

October / November 2017:

Delivery Trimaran Dragonfly 35, Flensburg (Baltic)to Gran Canaria, 2,600 nautical miles

“I would like to thank you for the crossing, I benefited greatly from your expertise and found it a very interesting and enjoyable cruise.”

Dr. M. Kottmann, Basel

August 2017: Delivery North Sea, Halberg-Rassy 36

“Now that we have arrived back in our home port Breskens, I would like to thank you again for the professional execution of the delivery trip. We were able to take back our ship in better condition than I handed it over! Now we have used your services for the third time and have always been very satisfied. This is also true for this time, in which the North Sea weather – even in mid-summer – unfortunately has not played well. I can fully recommend your services and would love to come back to you next time.”

Many Greetings

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Schulte, Aachen

July 2017: Moody 33, skipper and crew, after boat purchase:
Inverness (Scotland) – Heiligenhafen, 640 nautical miles:“I really enjoyed the tour with you.”C. Feierabend, Lufthansa pilot (A 380)

June 2017: Cruise Sailing yacht: Holland-Baltic Sea:

“We would like to turn to you again to let you know that everything has gone to our absolute satisfaction. Our skipper Holger has brought us safely to our destination. Thanks for that ! Please give him our best regards!

I. and K. Strenger, Germany

July 2017: Yacht delivery Amel 54, La Coruna-La Rochelle, La Rochelle-Cuxhaven (nonstop)

“Thank you for the professional transfer of my Amel 54. You couldn’t have done that faster and more professional!”

Mr. A.F., Germany

April 2017, Yacht delivery Amsterdam – Lanzarote, Sigma 362: “We are excited! Our Sigma 362 was transferred from Lelystad to Lanzarote and arrived a week earlier than expected. Our special thanks goes to the Skipper Rainer and the great crew! The boat has not suffered any damage, things for years with us on the to do. List were quasi by the way settled, we always had contact, knew where our boat is and are simply satisfied with the extremely competent service around! Should we have a yacht transferred again, we have your number and will also pass them on to everyone who wants them with best recommendations! Great that there is still a owned company in the yachting industry !! Björn N., Lübeck / Lanzarote

Delivery of Nauticat 39 from Pembroke Dock/ Wales to Brunsbüttel for Danish Company.

„Again, many thanks for your assistance, your service and your professional work.

We were very happy to work with you.“

Knud R., Denmark

Motor Yacht

Motor Yacht Fair Stand @ BOOT Show Düsseldorf 2019

“Thank you for good help getting the stand on Boot/Düsseldorf organized!”

Best regards, S. Refsnes, SAGA BOATS, Selje, Norway

Why Yachtskipper.eu? 
  • professional, well-equipped skipper and captains
  • qualified with pro-licences and plenty of experience
  • we value friendliness and a sense of responsibility
  • we are not an agency in the first place
  • fair tariffs, transparent billing
  • many satisfied customers in over 20 years
Because experience matters!
FAQ’s about Yacht Deliveries, Yacht Training and Yacht Management:
The costs of yacht deliveries are composed of several factors: for example, the wages, the operating costs of the yacht and the travel costs. We strive to keep costs to a minimum in the interests of the customer. For this purpose, we use favorable weather windows, for example, in order to make rapid progress and to minimize fuel consumption. Likewise, we also anchor at stopovers, instead of entering the port. We choose the crew strength in such a way that it makes sense both nautically and economically. For travel connections, we choose the cheapest solutions. Optionally, a second skipper as a co-skipper, which causes additional costs, sometimes makes sense. Always included in the price are:

  • Weather and trip routing through our network.
  • Nautical charts and almanacs for the passage.
  • A satellite communicator for ocean cruises.
  • A Crew Guarantee – If someone has to leave, we will send somebody else.
  • A Skipper Guarantee – If the skipper has to leave or gets sick, we will send somebody else.
In yacht deliveries we engage experienced skippers, whom we trust and who we have personally experienced as co-skippers. These skippers must be qualified with European licenses for professional sailing. We also consider feedback from crews and customers regarding our skippers. For us, professional skippers are not just holders of sailing licenses, but all-round talents, who have both: good technical and nautical skills. Of course they also have to be good with people; they have to  have an idea of how to lead a team in the 21st century.
We care for the yachts entrusted to us and strive not to have the tiniest damage on them. Fortunately we do not have to admit a bigger one. Nevertheless, with yacht deliveries, of course, something can always happen. In addition to the insurance of the yacht, our skippers are therefore equipped with a skippers liability with a coverage of up to 5 million euros, which covers the significant risks of a yacht delivery. Another important aspect in terms of safety is the careful technical check by our crew before departure. If we find any deficiencies that endanger the safe operation of the yacht delivery, we will put it off before we start.
Our skippers have many nautical miles in the wake and are used to deal with people on yachts. They have to rely on them. Just as we assess the crewmembers’ abilities before a yacht delivery, we also have a look at the training-candidates abilities and we go from there. Often we do a training passage, in which all aspects of seagoing are examined and practiced in turn. Or we focus more on single aspects: for example, harbor maneuvers, which we practice until the yacht is in control. In our yacht training, the teaching program is tailored for the candidate, which we consider to be the most efficient method to learn fast. Only professionals educate. People who use to travel a lot with yachts on real passages.
We are professional skippers who know the industry. For example, when it comes to hiring service providers such as sailmakers or engine specialists, knowledge of prices and technical experience is essential to avoid excessive billing. We also have experience in how to handle yacht equipment, create technical logbooks and know how to work off todo lists efficiently. Many questions that arise during the maintenance and operation of a yacht are coordinated and clarified within our network. In Yacht Management, we use cloud databases to integrate multiple partners.
We care for maintenance, handle shipyard stays, supervision and wash downs. Your yacht is managed professionally and always remains ready to sail. All data and services are centrally managed, so that the yacht can be moved to a new berth without any problems. We take care of the right service providers on site. Our customers range from private owners, via travel companies to corporations such as the German engine manufacturer MTU.
For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy police.
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We work on yachts to the principles of good seamanship. Passion for Sea und Ships are our motivation.From tailor-made Crew- or Skippertraining, to the  professional Yacht delivery ,or assisted delivery, to the management of a Yacht at one location oder in worldwide cruise: We are partners for industry and owners and can look back on many satisfied customers.

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We work on yachts to the principles of good seamanship. Passion for Sea und Ships are our motivation.From tailor-made Crew- or Skippertraining, to the  professional Yacht delivery ,or assisted delivery, to the management of a Yacht at one location oder in worldwide cruise: We are partners for industry and owners and can look back on many satisfied customers.


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  • Segelyacht in der Marina