Yacht delivery and yacht services by professional skippers

Yacht deliveries & yacht services by professional skippers


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Customer testimonials – selection

March 2024 Mediterranean: Crew agency Big Boat (29m yacht)  

“Thank you again for the professional delivery.”

Owner 29m yacht

September/January 2023. Yacht delivery Bavaria 50: Kiel – Grenada, 5,000 nm

“We are very happy that the greatest crew in the world has brought our yacht to our dream destination and that we can go on board”

Owner couple Bavaria 50 

November/December 2023. Yacht delivery Lagoon: Les Sables d’Olonne – Estepona, 1,100 nm

“Everything went well, I’m satisfied. Thanks again for the professional job!”

Guido, owner of the new Lagoon 40 

November/December 2023. Yacht delivery Elan 450: Denmark – Gran Canaria, 2,200 nm

“I am satisfied! Thank you once again for your handling: the choice of skipper, the support on the way – and your helpfulness!”

Max, owner Elan 450

Yacht broker

October 2023. Brokerage: Elan 450 successfully sold!

“Thanks again for the good job!”,

Pre-owner Elan 450

September 2023, sailing license training with exam, from Kiel, Baltic Sea 

“As a participant in the SKS training course, I have nothing but positive things to say about your instructor. We were very satisfied!” 

Participants, sail training

September 2023, Solaris 58,  Overpass Dubrovnik (HVR) – Marina San’Andrea (I)

“Many thanks for the perfect transfer. Everything went as planned.”

Owner, Solaris 58

September 2023, Beneteau 473,  Transfer Tuscany – Calabria, 500 nautical miles

“However, I would like to thank you once again for your
commitment. Even if you don’t need it, I will of course recommend you, because I think you do a very good job in a sympathetic way!”

Owner, Beneteau 473

August 2023, Fountaine Pajot, cruise escort La Rochelle – Bremerhaven

“Anytime again!”

Owner Fountaine Pajot

August 2023, Cruising in the Balearic Islands on Swan 65, 2 weeks

“Thank you so much for your help, it all worked out!”

Owner Swan 65

August 2023, delivery Wauqiez 58, FR-Tun-FR, 1,100 nautical miles.

“Thank you very much for the transfer and the correct handling by your team!”

Owner Wauqiez 58

August 2023, Wauqiez Hood 38: Crossing North Sea-Baltic Sea

“Thanks. Will definitely get back to you if I need another delivery.

Cheers, John”

Owner, Wauqiez 38

August 2023, Aventura Power catamaran: commissioning/owner training/transfer Tunisia-France 

“Thank you for once again providing a crew for the yacht delivery!”

New owner, power cat 50

July 2023 Malö42: Commissioning/owner training/transfer Stockholm-Germany 

“Thank you very much for the delivery / training. We always felt safe.”

New owner, Malö 42

July 2023, Ovni 450: Commissioning/Training New Yacht Les Sables d`Olonne 

“Peer was an asset to us in every way during the week in Les Sables (as a skipper, as a mentor, as a professional and as a person). We learned a lot and if we have need again – anytime again!”

New owner, Ovni 450

July 2023, Yacht transfer/Trip escort Malta  – Genoa (I)

“I thank you for your support in bringing our catamaran to Genoa. 

Your skipper was just right for the job, we had a great time.”

Owner Aventura 44, Austria

June 2023, Yacht transfer/Trip escort Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) – Glückstadt (D), via Azores. 2,700 nautical miles

“Thank you so much for your support and fairness!”

Wilfried, new owner, Hamburg

#yacht delivery July 2023: Yacht delivery: Lagoon 55 Baltic Sea – Les Sables d’Olonne, 750 nm

“Thank you very much for the safe transfer of my yacht!”

Owner, Lagoon 55

July 2023: Ship’s command Mini-Maxi CNB 74, delivery to Stockholm and cruising  in the archipelago, 600 nm

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful navigation!”

Daniel, crew member/guest, CNB 74

Yacht delivery

June 2023: Commissioning of new yacht and delivery, La Rochelle – Boltenhagen, 1,100 nm

“Astréa 42, build number: 223 arrived safely and undamaged at home port Boltenhagen. 👍👍👍”

Maik, owner, Fountaine Pajot 42 Astrea

June 2023: Commissioning new yacht and transfer Koper – Corfu, 500 nm

“Thank you very much that everything worked out so well. Thanks also for the super pleasant communication – with you and with Stephan, your flexibility, thinking along, organizing and reliability!”

Robert, owner, Hanse 455

Yacht transfer transatlanticApril/May 2023 yacht transfer Grenada – Palermo, 5000 nm

“We are very satisfied!”

Owner, Dufour 500 GL

May 2023, Hanseat 70, Azores  – Cherbourg , 1,200 nautical miles

“Thank you for having your skipper. We will recommend you to others!”

Owner, Hanseat 70

May 2023, Nautitech Open 44, Neustadt (D) – Kappeln (NL), 85 nautical miles

“Thank you for bringing my ship back home after the Boat Show”.

Owner, Kat Nautitech Open 44

May 2023, Sunbeam 37, Laboe (D) – Scharendijke (NL), 335 nautical miles

“Thank you very much for the delivery and the work done”.

Owner, Subeam 37

Yacht deliveries

May 2023, Elan 450, Makkum (NL) – Augustenborg (DK), 335 nautical miles

“Thank you very much for the fast and safe delivery of our boat.”

Owner, Elan 450

Yacht delivery

April 2023, Hallberg-Rassy 400, Bruinisse – Brunsbüttel, 350 nautical miles

“Thanks again!”

Owner, Hallberg-Rassy 400

March 2023, Beneteau 38.1, Gibraltar – Hindeloopen, 1663 nautical miles

“Happy to go again with you!”

Owner, Beneteau 38.1 

April 2023, Compromis 36, 1400 nautical miles ,

Liguria – Veneto, training and transfer

“Thank you very much for the cruise companionship!”

Owner pair, Compromis 

April 2023, Fountaine Pajot 67 , Allegria – Training und Überführung

“I learned a lot!”

Karsten, catamaran owner 

March 23, Allures 45 , Lanzarote (ESP) – Gibraltar, 1.000 nm, yacht delivery

“THANK YOU again for delivering my water home so well, safely and easily!”

Axel, owner Allures 45

February 23, Sunbeam 44 , Leros (GR) – Umag (HVR), 1.000 nm, assisted delivery

“With Peer you have an excellent skipper and technician there and also the mood in the crew was as good as on a vacation trip!”

Christoph, Eigner Sunbeam 44

Gregor, owner 

Yacht delivery

November 22, Beneteau Sense 43 , commissioning and yacht delivery, 1,000 nm

Les Sables d’Olonne (I) to Boltenhagen (D)

“Thank you for your efforts. “

Gregor, owner 

November 22, Najad 51, commissioning and yacht delivery, 600 nm

Gaeta (I) to Palma de Mallorca

“Your skipper Peer managed the delivery perfectly and handed over the yacht ship shape. Thank you very much! We are very attached to the vessel.”

Owner Najad 51, Berlin

October 22, OYSTER 70, commissioning, training and yacht delivery, 1000 nm

Imperia (I) to Gibraltar

“It all worked out. Thanks for the support!”

Livio, new owner Oyster 70

October 22, Comissioning and yacht delivery

Kiel Fjord to Delfzijl (NL)

“Luckily I had a pro skipper with me!”

Sebastian, new owner Feadship 17 m 

September `22: Advanced yacht training on Solaris 50, French Riviera

“Thank you very much for the very nice and educational days!”

 Owner Solaris 50

September `22: Törnbegleitung Katamaran, Cherbourg (FR) – Stavoren (NL) 

400 miles

“It worked well!”

 Owner Bali Catamaran

September `22: Delivery motor yacht Brest-Cartagena

1200 miles

“Thank you very much for your activity”

Owner motor yacht Charlotte

August 22: Cruise escort Hallberg-Rassy 400, Brest (FR) -Bruinisse (NL) 

500 miles

“That was a good team effort, the yacht arrived safely!”

Eugen, owner HR 400

August 22: delivery expedition yacht Freydis:Iceland-Emden

1500 miles

“I would like to thank you once again very much for the very wonderful cooperation and the highly qualified delivery of the Freydis”

On behalf of Heide and Erich Wilts

July 22: delivery performance yacht: ICE 52, Kiel-Mallorca

2500 miles

“Thank you so much for the damage-free delivery by your team!”

Owner, performance yacht

July 22:CNB 86: Yacht deliveryNewport-Marseille

4000 miles

“Thank you for getting my yacht across the Atlantic in one piece!”

Owner, CNB 86

June `22, delivery Swan 36th Cuxhaven – Lelystad

“Very competent, friendly and professional!”

Owner, Swan 36

June `22, delivery motor yacht Bav. Fly, Neustadt-Rheine

“Worked out really excellently – in this respect a big thank you!”

Owner, motor yacht

June `22, Maneuver training on catamaran, Genoa

“Jens was absolutely top !”

Owner, Nautitech 46

 May `22, Katmaran delivery Caribbean – Algarve 

“The skipper did a good job!”

Timm, crew member

 May `22, Skipper training on Dufour 445

“Thank you very much for the professional support. An instructive weekend with lots of fun and good humor included.”

Linda, crew member

 May `22, Hallberg-Rassy 400, assisted delivery Germany – Holland

“Thank you again for the professional service!”

Eugene, owner

May 22, Catamaran Training Mallorca

“Thank you for making everything so straightforward yet so professional.”

Jörg and Theresa

May 22, delivery  Koopmanns 48, Lanzarote – Emden

2500 nautical miles

“Welcomed boat and crew today in Emden. Was a successful thing all around. Many thanks for the organization “

Christian, owner Koopmanns 48

April 22, delivery  Jeanneau 49, Gran Canaria – Sicily

1800 nautical miles

“Highly recommended, good crew, absolutely perfect job.”

Guido, owner Jeannau 49

April 22, delivery Aguadulce – Ostend

1600 nautical miles

“Thank you for the delivery despite the techn. problems with the electronics and bilge”.

Oliver and Sabine – Owner, Ostend

April 22, Purchase advice 50 foot yacht, Emden-Marina 

“Thank you again for your help with the yacht purchase!
With your report, we have started negotiations with the owner. In the end, we settled on 25% less than the asking price.”

Poul, New owner, Copenhagen

March 22, Yacht delivery Hallberg-Rassy, Lanzarote – (Lagos) mainland Portugal, 600 nautical miles

“We were very pleased!”

Martin S. and wife, owner, Salzburg

Yacht training

January 22, Yacht training Canaries on charter yacht

“It was a beautiful week. Thanks for the cruise planning and patience with the novice sailors!”

Wolfgang S.

Forgus 31, November 2021, Skagen – Gelting-Mole, 180 miles

“Thank you very much for bringing our new yacht to her future home port”.

Kristina G.

Yacht delivery

Feltz Scorpio 4, October 2021, Olbia – Barcelona, 450 miles

“Hello Mr. Holtorff,

I wanted to tell you that Peer was absolutely the right and perfect skipper. We had to deal with a lot of annoying challenges. Especially of a technical nature. Peer always stayed calm and that’s how we mastered the challenges. I am extremely glad that I had him with me! And we were a good team. He is really a very pleasant guy, even despite the challenges.

T. Ruppert”

Crew agency skipper

Lagoon 560, October 2021, New Town – Genoa, 3,000 miles

We have arrived safely in Genoa. This is where this year’s voyage ends. We will make the ship “winter-proof” and fly home on Friday. I thank you for your trust and that you trusted me with this task. It was a nice trip and a good time.

Mathias, Skipper

Yacht delivery Kattegat - Skagerrak

Elan 34, September 2021 : Cruise escort Heiligenhafen – Strömstad (SWE) – 300 nm

“Was a great trip, almost to Norway in only 2 days. Skipper and crew of you were great! Anytime again!

Carsten, owner Elan

Yacht crew

Dufour 44, August 2022 : Yacht delivery North Sea Flensburg – Lelystad (NL) – 300 nm

“Thank you very much for sailing the boat reliably and perfectly to Lelystad!
Owner Dufour

Yacht delivery Mediterranean Sea

Contest 46cs, August 2022 : Yacht delivery Mediterranean,Tuscany (I)-Umag(HRV) – 1.000 nm

“Thank you again for the very professional handling. The passage under your skipper was  most competently executed. We were able to receive the ship in very good condition. In our impression, the entire crew took great care of the ship and treated it with care.
Highly recommended.”
C.Heller, Owner Contest

Yacht delivery crew

Dufour 44, July 2022 : Yacht delivery North Sea, IJsselmeer (NL)-Baltic Sea – 300 nm

“Anyway, your skipper brought our boat perfectly to Glücksburg! Many thanks for ensuring reliable relocation on short notice by him and her crew!

Owner Dufour 44


Yacht delivery Amel

Amel 55, July 2022 : commissioning/yacht transfer, Palma (Esp)-Lagos(P) – 600 nm

“Thank you very much for bringing our Amel 55 safely to Lagos..

Hans-Peter N., owner, Amel 55


Contest 50, June 2021 : assisted yacht delivery – Medemblik(NL) – Barcelona, 2.200 nm

“I would like to thank you for being so accommodating and for all the organization.

I will recommend you to others.

Rolf M., Switzerland, Owner, Contest 50


Yacht delivery catamaran

Lagoon 50, May 2021 : Hand-over, yacht delivery Sardinia – Wilhelmshaven, 2.600 nm

“Thank you very much for the hand-over and the safe delivery of the Baten Kaitos to Germany!!!”

Diana, new owner, Lagoon 50


May ’21 Yacht delivery Nieuwpoort(BEL) – Hamburg: Bavaria 39 

“We are not only very satisfied but even very enthusiastic by the exceptional performance, cooperation, communication, support, etc. of your skipper(team), Holger and Stefan!!!! Please pass on a heartfelt thank you again!!!”

Kai and Pascale, new owners Bavaria 39


April ’21 Yacht delivery Holland-Baltic Sea: Koopmanns Victoire 11.20

“Hello Mr. Holtorff, very warm regards, everything went well and I would like to thank you for the excellent selection of your professionals and will be happy to recommend you. Best regards and have a great season.”

Owner Koopmanns


April ’21: Yacht delivery Baltic Sea/North Sea, Bavaria 37

Stefan was a super choice, we had a lot of fun and it was never boring, he always has something to tell and was a great help in the Baltic Sea and the Channel.” He took away the uncertainty as and where I expected, so I have not regretted taking this step. If I need a skipper again, I will be happy to contact you again.

Michael Schmidt, Owner


April ’21: Yacht delivery North Sea/Baltic Sea, Hanse 385

“Transfer went well. Information from “on the road” came regularly and I / we felt well informed.

Handover went well and I think it made sense to have been on site myself for this !”

Werner Surholt, Owner


Yacht delivery: Shipyard new catamaran Fontaine Pajot: Saba 50, La Rochelle – Lanzarote, April 21

Team (m/f) from Yachtskipper.de

“Thank you so much for helping us get our cat to Lanzarote!

Joachim and Lena, owners

Yacht delivery catamaran
March 2021 Commissioning / Yacht delivery Catamaran Lipari 41 – Mallorca – Kappeln, 2,600 nm
I would also like to personally thank them for their organization of the steering system,
without their commitment, the boat would still be in Mallorca. You helped me out tremendously there!!!
We will definitely recommend Yachtskipper.
Dr. Ulrich Zappe

Yacht delivery motor yacht

Yacht delivery motor yacht: Galeon 530, Cuxhaven – Fredrikstad, April 21

“Thank you for bringing our new yacht to us safely!

Jörn and Camilla, owners, Norway


Yacht training/Trip by professional skipper Baltic Sea: Hanse 348, Greifswald – Heiligenhafen, April 21

“Our trip with Stefan was great – a great skipper and super nice! We felt very safe with him and he also always made sure that everything fit for us. We learned a lot in the three days. Thumbs up and happy to return next time!

Bartsch family, Hamburg


Yacht delivery North Sea

Yacht transfer North Sea: Breehorn 37, Stavoren (NL) – Flensburg, April 21

“Everything went great. Thanks again!

Detlef, owner 

Yacht delivery motor yacht

Yacht transfer: Princess 72, Cuxhaven – Gothenburg, April 21

“Thank you for the delivery by your professional team. Everything went great!

Thommy, owner Princess 72

Yacht delivery North Sea

Yacht transfer: Nauticat 37, England – Holland, end of November 2020

“It all worked out. I am very satisfied with the crew and planning by your company!

New owner, Nauticat 38

Purchase advice yacht

Purchase advice yacht: Nimbus 350 / Brètagne, November 2020

“Thank you for the detailed report. 

We decided to purchase the boat and would like to continue using their very good services.”

New owner, Nimbus 350

Yacht transfer Portugal - Germany

Yacht delivery Lagos (Portugal)-Neustadt, with owner, 1.600 miles

October/November 2020

“Only the result decides – and that was good, with good crew!

With best thanks for your work”

Owner, Sweden Yachts 45

Yacht transfer North Sea/Baltic Sea October: Lelystad – Fredericia, for Danish client:

“I will recommend you to anyone who needs to get his ship moved,

and I will also choose you again if I need to get my own boat moved again.

I only have good thing to say about Tim, the Skipper.”

Laurids, owner Salona 37

Yacht training

Season 2020, yacht training on performance yacht, arrangement of a skipper for season 2021

“Finally, thank you again for the excellent service throughout the summer and thank you also for your understanding and entrepreneurial attitude regarding your skipper.”

Marie, owner performance yacht

Yacht transfer Performance

October 2020, Yacht Transfer Performance Yacht Pogo: Le Havre – Lemmer

“I am highly satisfied with your performance. I was always well informed by your skipper and the planning was in line with the implementation!”

Christian, owner Pogo

Yacht delivery North Sea

September 2020, cruise escort by our skipper after boat purchase in Holland: Lemmer-Kiel

“I was very satisfied with the company of your skipper. Thank you very much!”

Owner, Wibo 990

Yacht delivery North Sea

August 2020: Dufour44 North Sea passage Lelystad (NL) to Kiel and back

“Thank you very much for the reliable transfer and the careful handling of my boat! Indeed, when our plans for next summer come up, we would like to ask you again if you would transfer our boat again.”

Dufour 44, Owner, Aachen



August 2020: Princess 68: commissioning, customs clearance,

Bremerhaven – Copenhagen transfer

“Everything was ok. Thank you for your help!”

Peter, Owner, Princess 68.2



August 2020: Transfer Finland-Germany: Jeanneau 29.2

Thanks again for the delivery and for everything working out so well.

Carsten, owner, Jeanneau 29.2



Yacht delivery North SeaJuly 2020: commissioning, transfer Elbe-Brouwershafen (NL) : Hattecke Hornet

For your support and the delivery of the FREYA

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your employees;

a long process has thus come to an end.

Owner, Freya



July 2020: Yacht Training Performance Yacht XP44

Western Baltic Sea

Thank you for the intensive training on our new yacht. We learned a lot and it was humanly very pleasant!
New owner, XP44


July 2020: yacht transfer cruise escort sailing yacht

Delfzijl(NL) -Kiel 

I was more than satisfied with the professional performance of the skipper. We had about 200 nautical miles to cover in 3 days, from Delfzijl in Holland to Kiel. The highlight was the Elbe at night and the lock-in into the Kiel Canal in the early morning hours, which was mastered very confidently. In all respects I had full confidence in the skipper.”

Owner, sailing yacht


July 2020: Commissioning/Yacht transfer Hallberg-Rassy 36


Thanks again for your delivery and how you handed over the ship.

I wish you all the best for your future travels.

Best regards also to the co-skipper!

Dr. Bernd S., Owner


Yacht delivery motor yachtJune 2020: Yacht delivery / trip escort Princess 52

Yacht delivery / cruise accompaniment after yacht purchase:

Emmerich(Rhine) – Neustadt (Baltic Sea)

Everything worked out, thanks again!

Oliver, owner



Delivery /Commissioning Motor Yacht Brandsma Frederick47 Sneek(NL)-Barth(D)

Thank you for the delivery . Boat arrived in one piece.

Everything went correctly.

Owner, Warnemünde



Yacht deliveryJune 2020: yacht delivery / cruise escort Fisher 37

Zeeland(NL) – Copenhagen (DK)

Good morning Rainer, everything was okay! Tim is a really great, funny and thorough guy, – and Sandra was the perfect company! We had a great trip – without any problem!

Thomas, Copenhagen, Owner



July 2020: Crew agency 46m yacht

Thank you for providing an engineer!

Fits perfectly into the team!  



Yacht delivery motor yachtMay 2020: Assisted delivery motor yacht Fairline, Targa 62


Thanks for the company!  

Harry, owner 


Yacht deliveryMay 2020: Assisted delivery Dragonfly 32: Skaerbek-Kiel

Thank you very much, everything has fit!  

Detlev, owner 


May 2020: Impala 33 Delfzijl-Brunsbüttel.

Very dear thanks for the delivery

my yacht from Holland to  Germany!  

Marcus, owner 



November/ December 2019, yacht delivery / cruise escort Algarve – Kiel: Bavaria 46, 1,800 miles

                      “Thank you for the help with the delivery of my Bavaria 46, I am satisfied.”
Walter, owner Bavaria 46


Yacht delivery                               

 October 2019, yacht delivery /coaching Vizcaya: 44 feet Norseman,  Brest – Baiona 420 miles

                      “Stefan got us safely across the Bay of Biscay, and we learned a lot. Are very satisfied!”
Danielle and Hendrik, owners


Yacht delivery North Sea                               

 October 2019, delivery transfer/coaching Ijsselmeer-Greifswald: 46 foot yacht,  350 miles

From the planning of the trip to the last nautical mile, I felt very well taken care of and was able to expand my wealth of experience.  Many thanks to the experienced and sympathetic skipper Rainer

Steven B., Owner


July/August 2019, Yacht Transfer Transatlantic: Catana 431,  3,500 miles, USA-Portugal

“The trip, as it went and was sailed, was a coherent, well-rounded affair that could not have been done better!”
  Don Azor, Captain to sea/crewmember.


June 2019, yacht transfer motor yacht: 18m Algarve – Le Havre, 1,100 miles

“I thank you all again for the perfect execution of the order. It was a good experience that we had with you, even if you have now and then, “certainly only to spare” our nerves something UNDERTRIEVED. I think that this trip was a challenge for you, but perhaps it also brought you further.
Thanks again and
With kind regards
Kurt Fenner, Basel”


May 2019, yacht transfer sailing yacht: Etap 28 – Plymouth-Baltic Sea, 600 miles

Thank you very much again for your delivery from Plymouth to the Baltic. I learned a lot from you about handling the boat. The tip to replace the cooling water pump saved us from consequential damage. Last but not least it was a very nice experience to be with you in the canal and on the North Sea. 

Birgit from Hamburg”


Motor yacht transfer


July 2019, yacht delivery motor yacht: 17m keel – Gdansk, 300 miles

“Great work! Thank you for delivering the Motoryacht in time with your crew.

Dave Starkey, Seven Star Yacht Transport UK 


June 2019, Cruise escort: Lagoon 50: Bordeaux – Barcelona

“Thank you very much for the cruise support of our new Lagoon 50 by your professional.

Ran everything professionally and smoothly!” 

Axel, Owner



“It was a pleasure to deliver our brand new Saare 46 from Brunsbüttel to A Coruna with you.
Your foresighted cruise planning has brought us well through all weather conditions. Our calculation, to learn from you on your own ship prudent cruise planning, dealing with night traffic in the English Channel, extreme tidal range and open sea in the Bay of Biscay, has fully worked. Your experience and careful handling of the ship gave everyone on board a sense of security.
Last but not least, the atmosphere on board was always relaxed and pleasant; your contributions to the galley were also very well received.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for this valuable and pleasant support.

The owner couple”
Saare 46

Yacht delivery

April 2019, Yacht transfer: Jeanneau 36: Split – Koper

“Thank you again for your dedication and professionalism in the delivery of La Finesse!”

Klaus M., Munich


Yacht delivery


April 2019. Yacht transfer, cruise accompaniment, training. Najad 38, Orust (Sweden) – Lübeck.

“Thank you for the safe and friendly escort during the transfer of our newly acquired yacht!”

Stephanie and Christian W., Lübeck


Solaris 50

September 2018: Individual skipper training on Solaris 50, Liguria“Thanks for the training sessions. Have helped a lot!”

Karin D. , Austria


Vacation cruise on Solaris 58 August 2018, Dalmatia

 “Thank you for skippering us in our holiday. We had a great time!”

Enrico A., Italy


August 2018: Delivery North Sea: 44ft One Off

“Hello Rainer, everything went great with Lennart and Thomas. Thanks again. Gladly contact you for future plans if it is right. Greetings Eckhard”

Eckhard B., Germany

July 2018: Assisted Yacht Delivery Bavaria 42 Kiel – Mallorca, 2.500 nautical miles, 3 weeks, skipper and crew from Yachtskipper.de

“Thank you very much for bringing AMARA with us to the Mediterranean. Alone we would not have made this trip. Everything worked out great!”

S. and M. Altmann, Club Nautico El Arenal, Mallorca

Why yacht deliveries with Yachtskipper.eu ?

  • professional, well-equipped skippers and navigators

  • all skippers qualified to German Skippers’ Association (DSV) or RYA standards +cruising experience
  • our skippersare technically experienced, affable and responsible captains
  • we are not an agency, but have been at sea ourselves for many years as professional skippers

  • fair rates, decent wages, transparent billing for all projects

  • many satisfied customers from all over Europe in over 20 years

Because experience counts!

FAQ’S about yacht deliveries, skipper training and yacht management:

We are used to meeting new ships and crews all the time. Safe handling of people and technology are part of our professionalism. Because every order, every ship and every area are different. When a request comes in, we begin to consider who would be the best fit. We make the selection from a small but fine network. With us, you can book a skipper online, but you will meet a real person who is fully committed to your task.

As an owner, you want to keep the costs of a Yacht delivery as low as possible. It only takes a few clicks on the net to find a skipper who does yacht deliveries. Please bear in mind: Yacht deliveries can become cost traps if they are carried out without good sense; small mistakes can have big effects at sea.

Sometimes we take over yachts that other skippers left behind because they were overburdened with the situation or simply didn’t feel like it any more. We have never had anything like this before: Our prices for yacht transfers are designed so that we can send professionals who are worth their money.
In such a network, good advice is not expensive.
You benefit from the wealth of experience of the individual and the team.

The costs for pure Yacht deliveries are made up as follows:

1.) Basic price: Variable depending on the distance and length of the yacht transfer and boat type and size. This includes a handling fee for accounting and assembling the team, travel, and all pre- and post-work.

2.) The fee goes with us from 290€,plus. VAT off, discountable for longer trips. A daily rate is common, but there are also clients who prefer a flat rate.

3.) Other costs

  • Board: 15-20€/day and crew member
  • Crewtravel expenses: Will be kept to a minimum
  • Diesel. We take advantage of favorable weather windows to keep environmental impact and costs low!
  • Mooring fees. We know the ports along the way and will find a good solution for you.
  • Co-skipper: Optional is a paid co-skipper, which is an additional fee, but sometimes useful.

For boat deliveries included in the price are usually:

  • Weather and cruise advice through our network with the latest routing software.
  • Sea charts and almanacs for the route
  • Satellite communication for ocean cruises
  • Crew guarantee – If a crew member leaves, we will provide a replacement
  • Skipper guarantee – There is always a skipper on board who is up to the conditions

Yacht delivery

5 days non-stop:La Rochelle-Cuxhaven

For boat delivery, we use experienced skippers whom we trust and have personally experienced as co-skippers. In addition, our skippers must be qualified according to RYA, DSV or other equivalent standards. We also consider feedback from crews and customers in our selection process. For us,professional skippers are not just holders of sailing licenses, but all-round talents who have both good technical and nautical knowledge, who are good with people, and who have an idea of how to lead a team in the 21st century. 

We strive to prevent any damage, no matter how tiny, from the yachts entrusted to us and, fortunately, we do not have to admit to any major damage. Nevertheless, something can of course always happen during Yacht deliveries. In addition to the yacht’s hull insurance, we therefore make sure that our skippers are equipped with skipper’s liability insurance, which covers the essential risks of a Yacht delivery. Another important aspect in terms of safety is the careful technical inspection by our crew before departure. If we find deficiencies that jeopardise the safe passage of a sailing yacht, we turn them off before we set off.
Yacht transportation by ship are inconvenient and sometimes come with one or two unpleasant surprises. For example, damage during loading, heavy oil films on decks, delays due to technical problems, unexpected additional costs, last-minute schedule or route changes on the part of the shipping company, etc.. These are all Experience, which us yacht owners from Boat transports by cargo ship reported. Sure, there are situations where it makes sense to move your yacht as deck cargo, but often an experienced, tech-savvy crew can deliver a yacht without the vessel being compromised by its use. On the contrary, experienced sailors take care of a yacht and maintain it on the way. The prices for boat transports, especially for oversize boats on their own keel, are often significantly lower than those for a cargo ship. In addition, yacht transportis less bureaucratic and faster.

Our skippers have many miles in their wake and are used to dealing with people on yachts. Just as we do with a If we assess the skills of the crew members during a delivery trip, we also use the student’s level of proficiency as a basis for skipper training in order to build on this. For this purpose, we often undertake a training trip, during which all aspects of seamanship are examined and practiced in turn. Or we focus more on individual aspects: for example, port maneuverswhich we practice until the ship is clearly mastered. In our skipper training, the need results in the teaching program, not the exam material. And it is not theorists who train, but people who themselves travel a lot with yachts.

We are professional skippers who know the business. For example, when it comes to hiring service providers such as sailmakers or an engine specialist, knowledge of pricing and experience is essential to avoid inflated bills. We have experience in how things are done in yacht yards, can create technical logbooks and know how to approach work lists efficiently. Many questions that arise during the maintenance and operation of a yacht are coordinated and clarified within our network. For yacht management, we use cloud-based databases to integrate multiple partners.

We provide maintenance, take care of shipyard visits, supervision and care. Your yacht will be professionally managed and will always remain seaworthy. All data and services are centrally managed so that the yacht can be moved to a new berth without any problems. We take care of the right service providers on site. Our customers include private individuals as well as travel companies and corporations such as the German engine manufacturer MTU.

Yacht transportation by truck is also a common method of transporting boats and yachts. However, with larger yachts there may be some problems that must be considered. Always the mast must be laid and specially stowed. And if the yacht is too big or too heavy for a normal truck, special transport vehicles have to be used. These vehicles are often more expensive and require specially trained drivers. Another problem with larger yachts is their height and width. If the yacht is higher than the allowed height of the truck, the keel must be removed or special permits for transportation must be applied for. If the yacht is too wide, in the case of catamarans, for example, this transport option is completely eliminated. As an alternative to the yacht delivery on its own keel then only the cargo ship remains.

Another problem can be the transport over longer distances. On long trips, it can be difficult to ensure that the yacht arrives at its destination safely and without damage.

Finally, when transporting by truck, the cost must also be taken into account. The larger and heavier the yacht, the higher the cost of transportation will be. Overall, there are many challenges that can arise when transporting yachts by truck, especially larger yachts. It is important to plan carefully and make sure that all aspects of transportation are taken into account so that the yacht is transported without damage.

All in all, yacht transports by truck definitely offer a way to move yachts overland quickly, especially for smaller yachts. However, when planning transportation, it is important to choose an experienced and reliable provider. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We work on yachts, according to the principles of good seamanship. Passion for sea and ships are our drive. From tailored crew- or skipper training, to professional yacht delivery or assisted passages, through to the Management of a yacht at one location or in worldwide voyages: We are partners for industry and owners and can look back on many happy customers.

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We work on yachts, according to the principles of good seamanship. Passion for sea and ships are our drive. From tailored crew- or skipper training, to professional yacht delivery or assisted passages, through to the Management of a yacht at one location or in worldwide voyages: We are partners for industry and owners and can look back on many happy customers.

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  • Orca attacks

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